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Civil Construction

A Civil Engineering Company that Stands Out for its Environmental Awareness.

Our expertise and experience place us at the heart of major road, municipal and residential works, as well as several large-scale infrastructure construction projects. Whatever the complexity of the work, development, aqueduct and sewer rehabilitation, roadwork of all kinds, stormwater management systems and underground retention basins, we have unparalleled expertise. We also offer complete mechanical services including: plumbing, gas fittings, HVAC, fire suppression, refrigeration and building automation systems. We offer our customers a cost-effective and seamless suite of services to meet their needs. No matter what the job, our civil engineering company is dedicated to your needs.

Our civil engineers will optimize the design, construction, operation and rehabilitation of building and infrastructure works and manage them to meet your needs. All this while ensuring public safety and environmental protection.

Our diversified inventory and the quality of our workforce will play an indispensable role in the realization of your project. Our company is dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service, on time, in an efficient manner and with a quality unmatched by any other company on the market. When you choose National, you choose success for your project.

National’s civil engineering services cover all civil construction techniques.
  • Expertise in public works
  • Engineering structures
  • Road infrastructures
  • Hydraulic and pressure structures
  • Urban infrastructures
  • Civil works
  • Connection works for municipal services
  • Excavation work for sewers and aqueducts
  • Excavation for retention basins
  • Water purification work
  • Industrial mechanics
  • Excavation and shaping of parking lots
Before undertaking a new project, whatever the work to be done, National is equipped to meet all your civil engineering needs.