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Urban Planning

Our Urban Planning Services Take Your Concepts and Bring Them to Life.

It is important to know that over the last few decades, the development of the Greater Montreal region has been based on dependence on the automobile. Montreal’s land use planning has favored urban sprawl, which has pushed real estate development to the periphery of the island of Montreal.

Low density, increased and widened highways have all had a high footprint on parking areas, green spaces and certainly on agricultural land. We know that the sustainable development of the Montreal region must consolidate the urban areas and the activity poles that are located there. When developing new neighborhoods, they must be integrated along public transportation routes in order to eliminate heat islands and promote a denser and more diversified urban vocation in healthy living environments that are conducive to growth.

With this in mind, National offers urban design services that are ideal for your public and private needs. Our experts in the field are dedicated to the realization of landscaping in urban or semi-urban environments. Mainly, our team specializes in private landscaping for access roads, parking lots, sidewalks and pedestrian areas, not to mention green spaces that promote the environment. From the planning to the execution, we work hard to deliver the best achievements in development. We are proud to offer personalized support to our clients from the beginning of the excavation to the end of the landscaping project.

We understand the environmental issues related to the territory. Our vision takes into account the applicable decisional and political factors. Furthermore, we take into consideration all the plans and regulations that apply around concrete principles of sustainable development, in order to be consistent with each other. Whether it is a matter of a constrained environment or a large space to be reimagined, we are at your disposal to solve your needs. That said, National offers a specialized service in urban environments that relies on originality and ergonomics while ensuring a process that meets your expectations throughout the project.

To optimize the efficiency, durability and aesthetics of your design, here are the services offered by National:
  • Public and private facilities
  • Vehicular arteries
  • Pedestrian arteries
  • Crossings
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Parking lots
  • Bicycle paths
  • Bus shelters
  • Public facilities
  • Furniture
  • Walls, low walls and embankments

We understand the environmental issues related to the territory, our vision takes into account the decisional and political factors and we are aware throughout the project of all plans and regulations that apply around concrete principles of sustainable development.

As much in the private sector as in a public space, we will guide your choices and present you the most efficient scenarios.