Soil Decontamination Services | Valorization and Recovery

We are able to effectively manage all types of soils in order to carry out decontamination according to the rules in force and to give a 2nd life to any material extracted from the sites.

Soil Decontamination

National Understands Environmental Issues, Hence the Importance of Our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

We innovate in logistics and supply, in the construction of infrastructures, in the demolition of existing installations, in the decontamination of soiled soils by using recycled materials (stones and reuse of concrete to fill in excavations) and in favoring short transportation circuits to minimize the consumption of fossil energy by trucks and machinery.

La force de National est dans la mise en place de symbioses environnementales en effectuant la gestion du granulat, terre, roc et autres matériaux sur l’ensemble de ses chantiers. La décontamination des sols est très importante.

National applies the 3Rs rule on a daily basis:

  • Reduction and preservation of non-renewable resources such as quarry aggregates
  • Reuse of aggregates extracted from a construction site for use in another project nearby.
  • Recycling by regenerating the soil, screening the stones, including compliance with MTQ standards.

This approach reduces GHG emissions:

  • By reducing the fossil energy of the reused aggregates compared to extracting new aggregates from a quarry (use of machinery to extract, screen, pile, load trucks, …),
  • By reducing the distance of aggregate transportation compared to the distance of the quarries in the lower Laurentians, while reducing congestion by decreasing the number of trucks and the associated fossil fuel emissions.
  • By recycling aggregates for specific uses.
At National, respect for the environment and its natural ressources is front and center.