Environmental Soil Remediation Services

National proposes solutions to protect soils and groundwater and therefore to rehabilitate land contaminated by human activities in order to make it safe and usable again.

Soil Remediation

Our Expertise in Soil Decontamination Takes Into Account all Environmental Advances in the Removal and Remediation of Contaminated Soil.

The Quebec government has put in place laws and regulations to ensure that contaminated soils collected during a project are disposed of in authorized and safe locations. For example, when working on retaining walls, the traceability of soils is the possibility to follow the path of these contaminated soils, from the moment of excavation to their disposal at their destination.

The decontamination of soils is strictly supervised, knowing that it is a matter of environmental assessment I to IV, depending on the level of contamination being done by environmental consultants. The follow-up of the deposit of the soil in the sites corresponding to the classification of the soil is ensured from beginning to end by Trace Quebec and independent environmental firms.

Soil Rehabilitation

For many years, National has been offering concrete services to assist its clients in the protection of soil and groundwater as well as the rehabilitation of land contaminated by human activities.

We take pride in the way we treat the land. Every day, we excavate soil and materials from our current projects, and we work diligently to rehabilitate and decontaminate the materials we work with. National is at the forefront of soil remediation efforts throughout the excavation process.

At National, we make sure to take every step possible to be a Carbon Neutral company – one that is carbon neutral. We believe it is important to do our part to ensure a better future for the planet as environmentally responsible citizens.

Whether it’s retaining walls, urban excavation, or any other large-scale project, we recognize that global warming and environmental preservation is an urgent issue that requires application from every industry to make a positive impact on the global situation.

This commitment begins with the reuse of natural materials on the project and/or other nearby sites thereby greatly reducing transportation and the loss of valuable resources. To complete this process we are committed to planting enough trees and new vegetation to achieve this goal, and we are continually looking for new ways to diversify our efforts and even surpass carbon neutrality.

We work conscientiously with specialized laboratories to make recently excavated soils safe and usable again for optimal rehabilitation. We are committed to being an exemplary company in terms of good disposal practices for contaminated soils and are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.